SPARQ: Your Software Development Outsourcing Partner

Access the top software engineering talent and scale your development efforts flexibly and cost-efficiently

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Problems We'll Help You Solve

  • Fill your IT resourcing gaps
    Our team of more than 1600 software experts will tailor our core services to fit your business requirements, which saves you time and money on in-house recruitment and upskilling.
  • Reduce operational business costs

    SPARQ’S software development services could save you up to 50% on development costs, get products and services to market twice as fast, improve your operational efficiency and flex your business model to boost revenue.

  • Adopt digital transformations that help your business thrive

    With SPARQ as your software development partner, you can adapt to changing market demands using the most agile and innovative technologies; including blockchain, data science, Internet of Things and Cloud.

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to in-house development?

What you get with Sparq Web software development outsourcing services

We don’t down tools until you’re completely satisfied with our service and, with a client satisfaction rating of 97%, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands.

Sparq’ talent pool comprises 1600+ multi-skilled specialists with a firm grounding in maths and physics – guaranteed to plug any skills gap.

Scale development capacity on-demand to support your growing development portfolio. We’ll build a team of specialists with the best-fit skills for your project, so your core team can focus on optimising “business as usual”.

By choosing Sparq Web software development services, you can reduce your resourcing spend by up to 50%.

Multiple delivery offices allow our experts to be available for regular onsite visits, creating a seamless working partnership.

Our experts will rapidly integrate with your in-house team, adopting your culture while transferring process and behaviour-change knowledge to your internal staff.

With Sparq Web as your software development partner, you’ll save valuable time and get your product to market twice as fast; maximising its revenue potential.

SPARQ’ Global Team

With a SPARQ software development team you get an accessible extension to your own in-house resource. With 12 offices distributed in key cities over three continents – including Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Estonia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and UAE – our experts are positioned to enable swift and streamlined communication and onsite visits, with improved efficiency and cost savings.

What’s more, we’re expanding our reach every day, to be closer to our
global customers.

How We Cooperate

With almost three decades’ software development experience across a breadth of industries and specialisms, it’s easy to see why ELEKS is the software development partner of choice for many of the world’s leading businesses.

We can partner with you at any stage of your SDLC, offering flexible cooperation models that fit your goals, resources and timeline.

Engineering Team

Our agile engineering experts are poised to integrate with your core team – with multi-faceted technological expertise that helps you up-skill, reduce costs and mitigate risk.
  • Our responsibility:
    Providing the best-fit skills and experience for your requirements
  • Your responsibility:
    Workload allocation, integrating SPARQ’ team with your in-house processes and management methods

Smart Team

SPARQ’ Smart Team helps you flex your resources to deliver your most complex business software strategies faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Our responsibility:
    Building you a team with the optimal skill set, then ensuring its productivity
  • Your responsibility:
    Providing requirements and ensuring workload

Custom Application Development

Includes PoC development, software engineering, and reengineering services.
  • Our responsibility:
    Deliver the product on time and within budget
  • Your responsibility:
    Provide product vision, scope and desired timeline

What sets SPARQ apart?

  • Almost three decades of custom software development experience
  • Extensive technology consulting expertise
  • Deep strategic product design expertise with a UX-certified team
  • One of the largest data science teams in Ukraine
  • Reduced investment risk with MVP development
  • World-leading technological innovation via SPARQ’ in-house R&D lab

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